Fun Facts about Sapphires

The September birthday, Sapphire, is beautiful and a favorite of royalty, think “royal blue,” for centuries. We’ve written about them several times sharing and . But there is still so much to know! Keep reading for some fun and interesting facts about sapphires! Toughness: Sapphires are a tough gem, a 9 out of 10 on […]

What’s in a Name? How Grandparents get their Nick Names.

With National Grandparents Day just past, we started to wonder about the many different names that grandparents are called. While many grandparents choose to remain traditional with Grandma or Grandpa, there is wide spectrum of nicknames: MomMom/PopPop, Meemaw, Gramps/Gram and so many more. So where and why did these nicknames come from? Grandma and Grandpa […]

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