Let’s Freshen Up Your Jewelry Box

You may have recently seen a post on our Facebook page about the redesign of beautiful 4.11 ct diamond earrings into two gorgeous rings. One of our favorite things to do at Bridgewaters is to help you redesign your jewelry pieces into something that you will wear. If you have some items that you would […]

Caring for Gems: Ruby

In our fourth installment of our five-part series on caring for gemstones, we will explore the care and cleaning of rubies, the July birthstone. Check out our birthstone of the month post from July 5 for more information on the stone itself. Rubies are the hardest stone aside from diamonds, but are prone to fractures […]

The Napoleon Diamond Necklace

Famous jewels and jewelry often seem to have an illustrious past and the Napoleon Diamond Necklace is no different! The necklace, set with 234 diamonds with an overall weight of approximately 263 carats, was a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to his second wife, Marie-Louise of the Austrian House of Hapsburg, Empress of France, upon the […]

The Birthstone of Love and Passion

The July birthstone, ruby, gets its name from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red. The finest color is a deep red with a hint of purple called “pigeon’s blood” in the jewelry trade. Rubies are also the second hardest stone with only diamonds surpassing them. Rubies are symbolic of passion, protection and prosperity. Early cultures […]

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