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Finding Just the Right Piece for your Tough to Buy for Person

We all have that one person in our lives who is a challenge to buy for. So, how do you find them just the right piece of jewelry? Don’t worry, we are here to help! What jewelry do they already have? Think about the pieces you see them wear or are in their jewelry box: […]

Trends to Inspire Your Own Design

Periodically, we take a look at the hot jewelry trends for the current year and it has been a while since we have done this, so come along with us as explore what’s hot NOW! Love antique or vintage jewelry? The good news is that these styles have staying power and continue to look unique. […]

Vacation Jewelry – What’s That?

Vacation season is nearly upon us and who doesn’t want to look fabulous whether at the beach or a beautiful island or visiting a new city? Looking fabulous includes wearing jewelry that complements your outfits and helps you feel special, but is it safe to bring your favorite pieces with you? A good rule of […]

Natural Versus Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds grown in a lab? The latest jewelry industry trend is making some waves, but what do you need to know before jumping in? Lab-grown diamonds have been around since the 1950s, but have only gained popularity in the last 20 or so years. Let’s explore the pros and cons of natural or organic diamonds […]

Gold as an Investment Option? Bring on the Gold Bars!

When you hear about buying gold, do you automatically picture large gold bars? If yes, you are not alone! Actually, gold bullion is any form of pure, or nearly pure, gold that has been certified for its weight and purity. This includes coins, bars and other forms of gold of any size. While it is […]

The Journey of Jewelry Redesign

So many of us have jewelry just sitting in our jewelry boxes for a variety of reasons. Maybe they were gifted to us or handed down through family and they just don’t suit us. Rather than just letting them sit, wouldn’t it be great to have them redesigned into something that fits our style and […]

Wedding Jewelry Tips

You’ve planned everything, from the dress to the guest favors and now it is time to consider accessorizing your wedding look. Our best piece of advice is to include pieces that are a reflection of you and make you feel confident and beautiful. As you begin thinking about jewelry for the big day, you’ll want […]

Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! And our favorite love-inspiring holiday, Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner. Are you one of the 52% of Americans who will celebrate Valentine’s Day? Either way, read on for some really cool facts about it! As mentioned, only about 52% or over 136 million Americans plan to celebrate and […]

Let’s talk Sterling Silver

Are you a fan of silver jewelry or maybe you are interested in acquiring your first piece? Then let’s talk SILVER! Silver is one of the seven metals of antiquity known to prehistoric humans. The other metals are gold, copper, tin, lead, iron and mercury. Silver is less expensive than gold as it is more […]

Jewelry: The Sparkly, Fun and Festive Gift

While the holidays are supposed to be joyful and magical, they can also be stressful. Finding just the right gifts for loved ones can be stressful. Luckily jewelry can be the answer to all the stress, no matter who you are buying for! Jewelry is the perfect gift for so many reasons. First, jewelry is […]

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