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Opal and Pink Tourmaline

Those born in October have both a modern and traditional birthstone. October features both opals (traditional) as well as pink tourmaline (modern). Opal’s name originates from the Greek word opallios which means “to see a change in color.” The rainbow of colors seen in opals come from its composition of microscopic silica spheres diffracting light […]

Jewelry in Art

Have you ever been curious about the use of jewelry in art? In addition to adding beauty or showcasing personal and beloved pieces, jewelry was very strategically used in portraiture. It often told of vast wealth and/or power. Queens Victoria and Elizabeth I are great examples of this use of jewelry. In a portrait of […]

Koh-i-Noor Diamond, The Mountain of Light

Centuries of turmoil surround the Koh-i-Noor diamond and the debate over its ownership is still under dispute. The Koh-i-Noor came from India, sifted out of the river sands and is first written about in 1628. The Mughals, who came from Central Asia, invaded India in 1526 and would rule India for 330 years. In 1628, […]

Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

As summer slowly fades into the cooler temperatures of fall, you’ll want to get a jump on the coming trends for the fall and winter season! Here a just a few trends to consider: Chandelier Earrings: Long, often ornate earrings that dangle are just what you need in the coming seasons. Chunky Gold Jewelry: No […]

The Gem of Faithfulness – The Sapphire

September babies are lucky indeed – their birthstone is the beautiful sapphire. Although typically thought of as a rich, blue gem, sapphires actually come in all colors except for red which are called rubies. Sapphires symbolize sincerity, truth, faithfulness and nobility. Royalty have worn sapphires for centuries. The sapphire became a symbol of royal love […]

Origin of Jewelry

Jewelry has been around since the dawn of mankind. It certainly didn’t look like the jewelry we wear today though! It was made of the natural items found in their environment, feathers, bones, shells, colored pebbles, etc. The earliest jewelry find is dated about 25,000 years ago and is a necklace made of fish bones […]

The Trinity Knot and Eternal Love

Best known as a symbol of Irish ancestry, the Trinity Knot has quite a history. The Trinity Knot is also called triquetra which is Latin for three-cornered and has been found across the globe with significance in many cultures. It has been found in India, tracing back to 3000 BC. It also appears on coins […]

The Star of India

The Star of India is 563.35 carats, making it the world’s largest gem-quality blue star sapphire. It also has stars on both sides of the stone which is highly unusual. It is over two billion years old, but was only discovered about 300 years ago in Sri Lanka. Based on where it was discovered, it […]

Men’s Jewelry – So Much More Than Watches

Choices in jewelry for men used to be limited, but jewelers are now pursuing men with many more options. Consider elevating your look with these trendy styles: Stacking Bracelets: Look for 2 – 4 thin bracelets that look great together and/or have a similar theme. Try bracelets of the same metal or material. Pair with […]

Peridot – The Gem of the Sun

Peridot, the August birthstone, is typically a light green gem which is formed in the mantle of the earth at high temperatures then brought to the surface by volcanic activity or come to Earth on flaming meteorites. The Egyptians called them the “gem of the sun” and believed they had special healing powers. Hawaiians believe […]

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