May Market – A Fun Day Out in Historic New Castle

Looking for something fun and family friendly to do in early May? Join us at the May Market in Historic New Castle on Friday, May 7 (12 pm – 5 pm) and Saturday, May 8 (9 am – 4 pm)! From garden plants to house plants, herbs, garden goods and quilts, the May Market is […]

What Do You Know About Time?

Man has been measuring and keeping track of time for thousands of years. From obelisks in ancient Egypt that tracked the movement of the sun to water clocks used in Egypt and China as early as 2000 BC. The first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century and were used until the […]

Diamonds are a Jewelry Lovers Best Friend

Diamonds have nearly always symbolized lasting love and have become synonymous with engagement rings. In fact, the first diamond engagement ring on record was given to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. Historically, diamonds were believed to be lightning made real on Earth and have been associated with healing powers. Diamonds […]

Honor Your Loved One with a Redesign of Their Wedding Band

The loss of a spouse or a parent is one of the most difficult things to experience. They were those closest to you in many ways and it always feels like there wasn’t enough time to share. Determining what to do with wedding bands, the symbol of love and dedication, can take a lot of […]

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