Engagement Rings – What You Need to Know

The summer months are a very popular time for couples to become engaged. Engagement rings can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt in 3000 BC and were designed round to symbolize eternity. Today, the most popular style of engagement ring is a round cut diamond, followed by a princess cut. White gold and platinum are the most popular metals.

Before jumping into the dizzying array of choices, there are a few things to think about:

  • Know what you want to spend as this will help your jeweler to find the right ring to fit your budget.
  • Knowing your intended’s diamond or stone preferences is important. Do they prefer classic or modern pieces? Do they wear more gold or silver? Are their pieces more ornate or simple? These answers can help you narrow the choices quickly.
  • Know the ring size. Borrow a ring they already wear to get the right size. You can trace the inner circle on a piece of paper or press the ring into a bar of soap to make an impression.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, stop by Bridgewater Jewelers and let our staff help you find the perfect ring!