Finding Just the Right Piece for your Tough to Buy for Person

We all have that one person in our lives who is a challenge to buy for. So, how do you find them just the right piece of jewelry? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

  • What jewelry do they already have? Think about the pieces you see them wear or are in their jewelry box: What type of metal (gold, silver, etc) do they favor? Do they have lots of colorful pieces? Is their style more modern or vintage? Are their pieces more delicate or heavier/bolder?
  • Ask their friends, co-workers and family! Gather intel from partners, mothers/sisters, co-workers and other friends about what they have shared about their preferences.
  • Ask them yourself! You can always ask them directly about their preferences, but if you want to be more subtle and keep a gift a surprise, try asking for their help in choosing a piece, for yourself or a friend.
  • Trust your Gut! When searching for a gift, listen when you see something that jumps out at you. Conversely, trust your gut when it says the piece in not right for this particular person.
  • Ask your jeweler! With years of experience helping patrons as well as helping to create pieces, we have lots of ideas that you might not have considered. We can also help you design something specific.

Bridgewaters loves to help find just the right piece or to help you design one. Stop in and check out our new software that can create jewelry based on your input!