First Day of Spring…Cleaning

As the weather starts to get warmer with the arrival of Spring on March 20, we turn our minds to…cleaning. Yes, Spring Cleaning, the time when we open the windows, dust off our windowsills and clean out all the items that have accumulated during the fall and winter months.

As you are sprucing things up in your home, don’t forget about your jewelry. It’s a great time to consider transforming the jewels you don’t wear into fresh, new pieces in your style. The possibilities are endless. Family engagement rings can become stunning necklaces or necklaces can transform into beautiful earrings. Jewelry redesign is a great way to maintain the sentimentality of heirloom pieces and add your own part of the story.

Bridgewater Jewelry can help you make over your existing jewelry into something you’ll love. Share a picture and story of your jewelry that needs a transformation on Bridgewater’s Facebook page.