Jewelry at Award Shows

This year marked the 80th Golden Globes Awards and was back in person in Beverly Hills. Full of excitement, gorgeous gowns and tuxes, it was certainly a feast for the senses! And of course, jewels and jewelry played a front and center role.

You might be wondering just how all the celebrities have access to such beautiful and expensive jewelry. Well, back in the day, stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins would buy their own jewelry for awards shows. Now, jewelers loan out their pieces in hopes of publicity which is not guaranteed. Most celebrity stylists gather multiple jewelry looks for each gown option for their clients. On average celebrities wear between $200,000 and $1 million worth of jewelry.

And we are sure this year was no different! This year, many celebrities chose a minimalist look, forgoing necklaces while showcasing their earrings. Many of those who did wear necklaces showcased elaborate diamond pieces.

We can’t wait to see what is worn for the Oscars! Tell us about your favorite jewelry from the Golden Globes in Bridgewaters Facebook page!