New Laser Engraving Machine

Bridgewater’s is excited to share that we have acquired a brand-new laser engraving machine and program to meet all of our customers’ engraving needs!

Those of you who may live or work near the store may have seen our attempts to bring a 36 inch-wide machine through doors that were not quite wide enough (if you didn’t see it, think of the scene from Friends where they try to get a sofa up a staircase.) After bringing it in through the garage and into the shop, we had to bring a contractor in to widen a doorway so we could get it into the workshop area.

Finally, after so many efforts, it is in its place as you can see in the photo, and the staff are having fun learning about all the potential projects it can do, such as etchings on:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal

If you have some engraving needs, feel free to pop in the store to see what we can do for you!

Bridgewater’s new engraving machine