The Journey of Jewelry Redesign

So many of us have jewelry just sitting in our jewelry boxes for a variety of reasons. Maybe they were gifted to us or handed down through family and they just don’t suit us. Rather than just letting them sit, wouldn’t it be great to have them redesigned into something that fits our style and that we will wear?

The journey of the ring above is a great example of creating a new piece with treasured items. The wedding band was divided into two and each piece shaped into an infinity symbol, the symbol of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound. The two infinity symbols were connected, making a ring and the pearl was added.

Here at Bridgewaters, we love to help create jewelry pieces that match your style so that the gems and metals you have gain a new life and become pieces that you want to wear! Once you have identified a piece or pieces that you are ready to reimagine, contact us to set up an appointment. Check out our blog on Freshening Up Your Jewelry Box for more tips on redesigning jewelry.