Vacation Jewelry – What’s That?

Vacation season is nearly upon us and who doesn’t want to look fabulous whether at the beach or a beautiful island or visiting a new city? Looking fabulous includes wearing jewelry that complements your outfits and helps you feel special, but is it safe to bring your favorite pieces with you?

A good rule of thumb is to leave your valuable items or items with sentimental value at home to limit the opportunity for loss, damage or theft. So how do you still find your fabulous? This is where Vacation Jewelry comes into play! Vacation jewelry is just as it sounds – pieces purchased for taking with you on trips or vacations.

While no less beautiful than other jewelry, vacation jewelry should be lower in cost so you have less worry about loss or damage. It should also be purchased to complement vacation outfits and help to jazz up your style.

Here are some additional tips for your vacation jewelry:

  • Buying pieces that are able to be paired with multiple outfits also helps to keep your luggage lighter.
  • Bring one of two flashy items for a special outfit/night out, but then keep to essentials for the rest.
  • Only include items that you are sure to wear to keep your luggage lighter.
  • Research the best way to pack jewelry to avoid items getting tangled or damaged in transit.
  • Always pack your jewelry in your carry-on bag and use the safe in your hotel room. While vacation pieces are not your most valuable, you still want to protect them.

Bridgewaters has a large selection of vacation jewelry to help you find pieces that will make you feel fabulous!