What Do You Know About Time?

Man has been measuring and keeping track of time for thousands of years. From obelisks in ancient Egypt that tracked the movement of the sun to water clocks used in Egypt and China as early as 2000 BC. The first mechanical clocks were invented in Europe in the 14th century and were used until the pendulum clock was invented in 1656. Pendulum clocks, which use a swinging weight as it’s timekeeping element, were 100 times more accurate than earlier mechanical clocks and were the most precise timekeeper until the 1930s. In the 1930s quartz clocks were invented and became the time standard in the US until the 1960s when it was switched to atomic clocks.

Now that you know the history of clocks, how about some fun facts?

  • The oldest working clock, dating back to 1386, is the Salisbury Cathedral Clock in Salisbury, England.
  • Big Ben is actually the name of the largest of the five bells hanging within the clock and not the name of the clock itself.
  • Before the alarm clock, there was a profession called a “knocker-upper” who would knock on your door until you woke up.

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