Are You Ready for Some Football?!

Yes, the 56th Super Bowl is coming this Sunday, February 13 featuring the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. So let’s run down some fun Super Bowl facts to spark conversation during the game!

  • The Lombardi Trophy is made of sterling silver by Tiffany & Co. and take 4 months to create. It stands 22 inches tall and weighs 7 pounds. The winning team keeps the trophy which includes the Super Bowl number, the teams, date, location and final score on it.
  • The ball is crafted by hand by Wilson craftpersons (with the aid of machines). Each team gets 108 balls, 54 for practice and 54 for the actual game. Typically, 120 balls are used during the Super Bowl.
  • Super Bowl halftime artists are not paid an appearance fee. However, the exposure from being part of the game can be worth millions. And the NFL does pay for the cost of the show which can be upwards of $13 million.
  • We all love the commercials, but they are getting more expensive. In 2022, a 30-second ad will run for $6.5 million up from $5.6 million just a year ago.
  • The Super Bowl is the 2nd largest eating day, second only to Thanksgiving.

Delawareans have an extra reason to be proud this year – Troy Reeder, from Hockessin, is a linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams. Troy played his college freshman year at Penn State before transferring to University of Delaware where he spent his final three years. Troy has been with the Rams since 2019. Troy comes by his talent honestly as he is the son of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Dan Reeder.

Want to show your pride in our home town guy? Stop by Bridgewaters to pick up your very own logo flag featuring Troy!