Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

You’ve probably seen or heard a cuckoo clock. They are a pendulum-type clock that strikes the hours with a common cuckoo bird sound and has a cuckoo bird who emerges from the clock to move with each note. Some cuckoo birds just lean forward with each note while others move their wings and close their beaks while leaning forward.

While it is unclear who built the first cuckoo clock, the Black Forest region of Germany is most well known for them. The clocks were exported around the world from the mid-1850s and are still one of the favorite souvenirs from the region. There is an association, Verein die Schwarzwalduhr (VdS) (Black Forest Clock Association), that certifies the production of cuckoo clocks.

To be authentic, the clock must be made in the Black Forest region and must be made by hand. They must also be made with wood sourced in the Black Forest. Only the gears and internals may now be made from brass. Authentic clocks must contain a mechanical movement which consists of a weight, pendulum and system of gears to keep time and power the clock.

Cuckoo clocks are beautiful, hand-crafted pieces of artwork. We would love to see a picture of your cuckoo clock on Bridgewaters Facebook page! And if you need any clock repair, please stop in and see us.