Blue Topaz – The Most Popular Topaz Color and a December Birthstone

Happy birthday to all our December babies! With two gorgeous blue gems to choose from, blue topaz and turquoise, it can be challenging to pick which is your favorite. We shared information on both gems in out blog here. Let’s dive deeper into blue topaz.

Blue topaz is the most popular topaz color with blues ranging from pale blue to deep blue. In nature, blue topaz is extremely rare and the gems found on the market today are created by treating clear topaz with radiation and heat. Two varieties of treated blue topaz dominate the market – London blue, a dark blue and Swiss blue, a bright and light toned gem. Blue topaz is also the 16th wedding anniversary gift.

Blue topaz is a gem of peace and healing, thought to be soothing to nerves and emotions, helping to release anger and tension and helping the wearer relax. The Romans believed it could protect its wearer from enemies and bring reconciliation. Egyptians loved blue topaz which was said to hold mystical powers given by the sun god Ra.

The largest blue topaz is the Marbella Topaz, an oval cut gem of 8,225 carats. Named for the town of Marbella, the gem is the size of a grapefruit!

Blue topaz is inexpensive and a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Stop by Bridgewaters to find your perfect piece!