December Birthstone – Beautiful Blue

The color for December babies is blue – Blue Topaz or Turquoise. They symbolize honor and trust, prosperity as well as kindness and understanding.

Blue topaz today is inexpensive and very attractive due to the discovery that clear topaz could be changed to blue by treating it with radiation and heat (note, there is no health risk from the radiation treatment). Two varieties of treated blue topaz dominate the market – London blue, a dark blue and Swiss blue, a bright and light toned gem. Topaz can be cut into any shape of gem which makes it very versatile. Keep in mind that blue topaz can chip with rough handling and can fracture if heated. Clean with warm water and soap – do not clean with steam or ultrasonically.

Turquoise is one of the oldest gems and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Its name comes not from the color, but from the French word for Turkey because it was believed to originate there. Over the centuries, turquoise has been worn to protect from unnatural death and as a talisman of good luck. You can find turquoise on King Tutankhamun’s mask. Native Americans consider it sacred and use it as a shaman stone. Take care with your turquoise jewelry as it is not as hard as other gems and can be scratched if kept together. Also keep away from high heat and chemicals like oil and perfume. Clean with warm water and soap and dry immediately. Do not clean with commercial jewelry cleaner.

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