Diamond Appraisals Versus Certificates

Purchasing a diamond or considering selling one is a big and seemingly overwhelming process. There are two parts to determining the value of your diamond – an appraisal and a certification.

A diamond appraisal determines its current monetary worth. The appraiser will examine both the appearance and the quality of the diamond. Current market value is also taken into account. A diamond’s monetary value can change over time based on the diamond’s normal wear as well as the market value of diamonds overall. It also does not guarantee a price for your diamond, but is an indicator of the potential value of your stone. Your appraisal is important if you want to insure your diamond against loss or theft and, if used for this purpose, should be updated every few years or per your insurer’s guidelines.

A certification is a report that includes the specific measurements and shape of your diamond as well as the specific characteristics of the stone. It includes the diamond’s 4Cs information (clarity, color, cut and carat – check out our December 14, 2021 blog for detail) as well as any imperfections in the stone. A certification does not indicate a diamond’s monetary value. When purchasing a diamond, it is not important to have a certificate, the same information will be in the appraisal, which should always be provided.

The most recognizable certification would come from the gem lab: GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Bridgewater Jewelers would be happy to help you appraise your diamonds if you are looking to sell or updating for insurance purpose.