Different Shapes of Diamonds

In addition to considering color, clarity and carat weight, you will need to determine the type of cut that suits you best. Cut is often thought of as shape, but a diamond’s cut is about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. We’ve reviewed cut (see our blog from December 14, 2021 for more details on the 4Cs) so today we’ll look at the different shapes.

  • Round or round brilliant cut diamonds are still the most popular accounting for more than 70% of the diamonds sold. Round cuts optimize light reflections to make it the most brilliant and sparkly of all the shapes. It is also the most versatile for different finger/hand sizes and ring settings.
  • Princess cut or square cut comes in second in popularity. They offer a high level of brilliance/sparkle. Princess cuts are less expensive than round cuts because more of the rough or uncut diamond is preserved during the cutting. With its square outline, the sharp ends are more vulnerable to damage, so look for a setting that provides protection to these edges.
  • Oval cut are gaining popularity. They are cut in the same way as round diamonds and so have great shine, sparkle and brilliance. They also tend to look larger than other diamonds of the same weight and elongate fingers. There is a downside to oval cuts, the “bowtie effect” which is a shadow across the central facets.
  • Cushion cuts were once the standard cut for diamonds with their soft, rounded edges. They also have the most fire or colored flashes of light. They come in two looks – “crushed ice” or “chunky”. Crushed ice cushions don’t show faceting when you look through the table (top surface area), but look like broken glass or crushed ice. Chunky cushions have clearly defined facets when viewed the same way.
  • Emerald cut or rectangular cut has a long table which highlights the clarity of the diamond and are less brilliant than other cuts. Blemishes in the diamond will be more noticeable in this cut than a round or cushion cut.

There are many more diamond shapes out there and it really all comes down to your personal style and preference for which will be the right one for you. Stop by Bridgewaters for more information!