Engagement Trends of 2022

It has been a rough few years for those getting engaged or married with Covid restrictions. As we come out of our Covid hibernation, you may be thinking of proposing to your loved one. Today’s couples are very thoughtful in their approach to marriage and their engagements. Engagements are becoming much less traditional, more collaborative and focused on partnerships. Here are just a few of the trends happening in 2022.

  • Collaborative Ring Design: About 50% of couples are visiting their favorite jeweler together to shop and/or design the ring. Finding the right jeweler who can help create a design within budget and is reflective of the wearer’s style is key!
  • Outdoor Locations are Key: Nearly 75% of couples are getting engaged outdoors (compared to 40% in 2020). This may be partly due to having spent so much time at home the last few years. Additionally, outdoor locations offer beauty and an Instagram worthy backdrop for such an important occasion.
  • Personalized, Creative Proposals: If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it is that intimacy, authenticity and connection matter most. While proposals may still contain grand gestures, they are also including personalized touches that reflect the relationship and personalities. Things like photo albums of their love story with blank pages for the future or personalized cards or mugs are a great way to create a lasting memento of the special day.
  • Joint Proposals: While many are still opting for a surprise proposal, joint proposals are on the rise. With so many designing their rings together, it often makes sense that the proposal is also collaborative.

Whatever your style, as long as you remain in sync with your partner, we are sure your proposal will be just perfect. And Bridgewaters would love to play a small part in your plans – stop by to discuss ring options or design the perfect rings.