Finding Your Partner’s Ring Size…Covertly!

Did you know that 40% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day? December is the peak month with Christmas Eve as one of the most popular days. So you might be thinking of getting engaged this coming fall/winter, but you are not sure how to find your partner’s ring size without giving away the surprise. We are here to help with great ideas for getting that ring size!

  • Does your partner have a ring they regularly wear on their left hand, ring finger? If yes, see if you can borrow it for a quick visit to your favorite jeweler for sizing. Can’t borrow it long enough to get to the jeweler? Try placing the ring on a piece of paper and tracing around the middle (ie, inside). Note that this is not the most accurate way to get the size, but a good jeweler should be able to help.
  • Connect with your partner’s family and friends. Maybe they have purchased a ring for her or your partner has tried on one of their rings. This will only get you a pretty good idea of the ring size though. And, most importantly, you need to be able to trust their family and friends not to spill the beans!
  • Another way to enlist your partner’s friends is to have them try to find out the ring size. Best case scenario, your partner has a friend recently engaged who could let them try the ring on and the friend can ask the ring size. Just be sure to find a friend who can be subtle, bluntly asking might get you the right size, but might also give away your secret!
  • Depending on your own level of smoothness and creativity, you could try to sneak it into conversation. You could ask her ring size as you plan to buy a ring for your mom, sister, etc. and want to have an idea of what size to get. Or if your friends are getting married, you could casually ask how the ring size was determined in their case and maybe your partner will share their size as part of her answer.
  • Finally, you could just ask. Many couples today are less secretive about proposals or have conversations about marriage as part of the relationship. So…just ask! In addition to getting the correct ring size, you may also be able to get a sense of the style of ring they prefer. The actual proposal can still be a secret.

If you are ready to propose, Bridgewaters is here to help! We can help you find the perfect style, the right diamond or other gem and help keep you on budget. Stop in to see us!