Men’s Jewelry – So Much More Than Watches

Choices in jewelry for men used to be limited, but jewelers are now pursuing men with many more options. Consider elevating your look with these trendy styles:

  • Stacking Bracelets: Look for 2 – 4 thin bracelets that look great together and/or have a similar theme. Try bracelets of the same metal or material. Pair with your watch for a casual, individual look.
  • Top name brands like Gucci, Dior and Versace are now offering quirky rings for men. Cool designs featuring everything from animals to skulls to geometric shapes can help you match your personal style with a new favorite ring.
  • Personalized chain necklaces are a great way to incorporate something meaningful into your look. Dog tags, medallions or even charms with your child’s name or initials are a way to personalize your look. Bridgewater’s can also create a beautiful pendant using a spent ammo casing and a birthstone.

Stop by Bridgewater’s to see what is new and fun in men’s jewelry. We’ll help you find your perfect piece to compliment your look.