The Powers of Amethyst

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoy a wonderful day with your loved ones.

If you saw our February 7th Facebook post, you’ll know that February’s gem of the month is the lovely amethyst. Amethyst comes in hues of light lavender to dark, reddish-purple and is a member of the quartz family making it a durable stone perfect for all kinds of jewelry.

Amethyst is believed to have healing properties including protecting its wearer against negative energy, bringing clarity and peacefulness and purifying the body of toxins. Other benefits include helping to dispel rage, manage fears, anger and anxiety. It is thought that amethyst can enhance intuition, empowering wearers to embrace new ideas and put thought into action.

Amethyst is a beautiful and versatile stone. It is also the gem for both the sixth and 17th wedding anniversary. Stop in to Bridgewaters to find a perfect piece!