Traveling with Jewelry

Got some trips planned and are already thinking about how to best accessorize while on the road? We’ve got you covered with some great tips for traveling with your jewelry.

  1. Less is More: When traveling, bring less overall jewelry and try to find pieces that can go with several outfits. Consider leaving your most valuable and any sentimental pieces at home.
  2. Carry On versus Checked Bag: If you do take some valuable or sentimental pieces, wear them during travel or put them safely in your carry on. Other pieces can be packed in your checked luggage.
  3. Storage: Consider buying a satin jewelry roll to store all your pieces. This will help you keep your gems separate to avoid scratches and have special spots for rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.
  4. DIY Storage for Rings/Earrings: You can also do a little DIY for storage by purchasing either one of those day of the week pill organizers or a bead organizer from a craft store. These are great for rings and earring. You can also use kitchen plastic wrap and separate each ring or earring by an inch and then folding over.
  5. DIY Storage for Necklaces: Kitchen plastic wrap works well here and keeps necklaces from tangling. If you have straws, you can thread the necklace through and close the clasp (cutting the straw to the right size). The straws can then be put in a baggie.
  6. At Your Destination: Store jewelry in your room’s safe if there is one. And remember, don’t wear your valuable jewelry while swimming or during outdoor activities where they might be lost or damaged.

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