The Yin Yang Symbol

A very popular symbol in jewelry, the Yin Yang which dates back to ancient China, represents the idea that an equal balance creates harmony. The two opposite characteristics, the Yin represented in black as the feminine side and Yang represented in white as the masculine side, complement each other and represent the interconnectedness of the world, in particular, the natural world. There are no straight lines dividing the symbol, but a soft S-shape, showing how yin and yang are connected and constantly flowing in and out of each other. The small circle of the other color within shows that nothing is absolute – there is a little yin in yang and vice versa. The circle which surrounds the elements represents the entirety of the universe, everything we know and all the things we don’t understand.

The Yin Yang symbol is perfect for anyone, as it is unisex. The Yin represents femininity, night, the moon and shadow while the Yang represents masculinity, day, the sun and light, among many other things. It is a great choice for couples to show the balance and harmony in their relationship or for best friends.

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