Complement Your Style by Matching Earrings to Your Face Shape

Earrings can complete your look for sure. But did you know that different styles can complement your face shape and help create symmetry? Here are some rules of thumb to make your earring choices shine:

  • Round Face: Dangle earrings are a great choice to provide balance. Try to avoid round earrings or earrings in the shape of circles.
  • Oval Face: Almost every style looks great with this face shape, but especially pearls, teardrops and ovals. Experiment to see what types of earrings are your favorite!
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Earrings that are wider at the bottom work well with this face shape. Soft curves like teardrops are also great.
  • Square Face: Medium to long length earrings such as hoops are great choices. You could also try earrings with angular or rounded edges to grab attention.
  • Narrow Face: Short dangles and pearls work really well to balance your face’s length. You can also try studs, cluster earrings and medium/large hoops.
  • Diamond Face: Earrings with more width than length are great for this face shape. Also those earrings with a combination of curves and straight lines.

Thinking about trying out some new styles to add more WOW to your beauty? Stop by Bridgewater’s and see how different shapes and sizes can increase your sizzle!