Fun Facts about Watches

Watches are on the wrist of many people in these modern times, but did you know that until about 100 years ago, most men carried a pocket watch instead? Wrist watches were originally designed for women who didn’t carry pocket watches. The history of watches and time keeping is fascinating, so read on for some fun facts!

  • Egyptians were the first to use a physical object to keep time, creating large, stone obelisks and using the shadow created by the sun to estimate time.
  • World War I was the first time soldiers began to wear wristwatches which helped with synchronizing attacks.
  • Watches are most often displayed in stores and in ads at ten minutes past ten. This is known as “Happy Time” because the numbers look like a happy face which projects positivity to viewers.
  • Black is the most popular color for watches due to its versatility. Black can be styled for any type of occasion, formal or casual, very easily.
  • One of the most expensive watches ever sold at auction was $17.8 million. It was a Rolex, which usually cost around $300,000, but because the watch had been owned and worn by actor Paul Newman, it’s sale broke world records.

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