Engraving: An Art from Ancient Times to Today

Humankind has been using engraving since the very earliest of times. The first evidence of engraving is a chiseled shell, dating back between 540,000 and 430,000 years. Engraving on bone and ivory and on rocks (called petroglyphs) are found from may pre-historic periods around the world. In the ancient world (3000 BC – 500 BC), engraved gems, small, semi-precious gemstones that has been carved, were a major luxury art form. Glass engraving appears in the first century AD and was popular until the fifth century. Decorations based on Greek mythology, hunting and circus scenes and images from the Old and New Testament were popular. In the Middle Ages, engraving was used to decorate and inscribe metalwork.

Machines were created in the late 1800s to make engraving easier and more accessible. Since then different types of machines and processes have become available to offer endless options for engraving on different materials and for different purposes.

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