How Many Diamonds Fit on a Single Ring?

Have you ever wondered who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most diamonds set in one ring? Well, lately you would have to have been keeping up with the news pretty often to know!  Back in 2019, the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House, a Ukrainian jewelry company, held the record with the Tsarevna Swan Ring. A total of 2,525 diamonds weighing 10.48 carats are set on the 18k white gold ring and it’s estimated worth was $1.3M.

Since then the record has been broken several times with the diamond count increasing rapidly: 3,827, 6,690, 7,777, 7,801. In November 2020, The Marigold or Ring of Prosperity was crowned the record holder with 12,638 diamonds. It is an ornate floral design with eight layers where each petal is unique.

This record too did not last long and was broken in May 2022 with a ring that has nearly double the number of diamonds! The mushroom shaped ring, created by SWA Diamonds has 24,679 diamonds and is named “Ami” which means immortality.

Perhaps this last record holder will be difficult to beat with so many diamonds? Either way, rivals are most likely already working on the next contender! While we mere mortals would most likely never have a ring with so many diamonds, stop by Bridgewaters to find your perfect diamond ring!