Holiday Shopping for Those Who Are Difficult to Buy For

Thank you for coming out to Bridgewaters on Small Business Saturday. We loved seeing you and helping you find the perfect gift, whether for yourself or a loved one. But we are sure that you are not yet done with your holiday shopping and probably have those difficult to buy for people on your list. […]

Unique Gift Giving

‘Tis the season – the season for gift giving. The best gifts are a reflection of both the giver and receiver as well as their unique relationship. If you are anything like us here at Bridgewaters, you also love the look of joy when your gift really wows! And one of our favorite things is […]

Bolo Bracelets – Beautiful and Versatile

Bolo bracelets are one of the most popular styles available today. The bolo is an adjustable sliding mechanism that allows the wearer to adjust the fit on their wrist. No need to have someone else help and, once adjusted, the bracelet remains secure until you are ready to loosen and remove. Bolo bracelets were inspired […]

Citrine – A Gift from the Sun

Those born in November have a choice of birthstones, the beautiful topaz which comes in a rainbow of colors or the yellow, gold or amber citrine. We’ve written generally about both stones here. Let’s focus on the sunny, durable and affordable citrine. Citrine is actually pretty rare in nature and most citrine on the market […]

Celebrating the Family Business

Did you know that family businesses represent between 80 and 90% of American businesses? They can range in size from two-person partnerships to huge Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. Family businesses account for half of the US’s employment and half of its gross national product. In Delaware, there are numerous family-owned businesses that […]

Pearls of the First Ladies

While United States Presidents and First Ladies do not have Crown Jewels to choose from when they get dressed up, one gem has been a long-standing favorite of the first ladies – the pearl. Our first First Lady, Martha Washington, loved pearls, especially small, naturally formed seed pearls She often wore a dove-shaped pin where […]

Engagement Trends of 2022

It has been a rough few years for those getting engaged or married with Covid restrictions. As we come out of our Covid hibernation, you may be thinking of proposing to your loved one. Today’s couples are very thoughtful in their approach to marriage and their engagements. Engagements are becoming much less traditional, more collaborative […]

The Gem that Held Lightning

As we have mentioned before, those born in October have both a modern and traditional birthstone. October features both opals (traditional) as well as pink tourmaline (modern). Precious opals diffract light, displaying the colors of the rainbow, which is known as “play of color.” This play of color has been compared to volcanos, galaxies and […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Jewels

Many of us have been captivated by the mourning for Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on September 8 at 96. Have you ever wondered what happens to the Crown Jewels as well as any personal jewelry she may have owned? For the Crown Jewels, it is simple as they do not belong to any […]

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