Queen Elizabeth’s Jewels

Many of us have been captivated by the mourning for Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on September 8 at 96. Have you ever wondered what happens to the Crown Jewels as well as any personal jewelry she may have owned? For the Crown Jewels, it is simple as they do not belong to any person, but to the Crown as part of the Royal Collection and are held in trust for the nation by the monarch.

In addition to the jewelry held in trust, there is the exclusive collection that belonged only to the Queen. These are items that she inherited, was gifted by family members or bought herself. There is a hierarchy in who will receive some of the pieces – The Queen Consort, Camilla, gets first choice, followed by the Princess of Wales, Kate. After Kate will come other family members including the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. Additionally, the Queen may have left a private will with instructions on who might receive select pieces. The Queen was already in the habit of gifting jewelry to family prior to her death and some pieces may already have a new home.

While we mourn the death of the world’s longest reigning queen, we can be sure to be reminded of her through the jewelry and gems that will pass to her heirs. Bridgewaters extends condolences to her family.