The Gem with a Moonlight Sheen – Moonstone

Last year, we celebrated our June birthdays by exploring one of the three birthstones associated, the pearl (see our June 1, 2021 blog post for more). June babies are also blessed to have the moonstone and alexandrite as their other stones. Moonstone, which is found all over the world, is valued for its blue to white “adularescence” which is the light that billows across the gemstone giving it a moonlight-like sheen.

Moonstone is associated with love, passion and fertility and believed to bring great luck. It is also prized for its healing properties, calming and stabilizing emotions. The most prized moonstones are blue and can only be found in Sri Lanka. India is known for producing rainbow moonstones.

Moonstone was adopted by Florida in 1970 as the official state gemstone to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing that launched from Florida. It is the preferred June birthstone over pearl and alexandrite in some parts of the world including Germany and Scandinavia.

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