Third August Birthstone – Spinel

August babies are super lucky – they get to choose between three different gems: Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel. We’ve shared details about peridot and sardonyx in past blogs and so today we will focus on spinel, a stone that comes in a multitude of colors from red to purple to blue and bluish green.

Spinel was often mistaken for other gems including rubies like the 170 carat Black Prince’s “ruby” which wasn’t determined to be red spinel until the 18th century. This large stone is set in Great Britain’s Imperial State Crown.

Aside from the amount of colors, spinel is also one of the hardest gems with a Mohs scale of 8. It also is very tough and doesn’t break, cleave or fracture easily and there are only a few materials that can scratch it. This makes spinel one of the most durable gems, making it a great choice for jewelry.

Spinel is known as the stone of revitalization and may also help in releasing anxiety and stress, bringing inspiration and new hope.

Looking for a great gem that brings durability and many color options then spinel is for you! Stop in and see the beauty of this stone for yourself.