Antique versus Vintage Jewelry

Despite the prolific use of the terms antique and vintage, in the jewelry trade, they do have specific meanings. This is good news for those interested in truly antique or vintage pieces as it eliminates confusion around modern reproductions of jewelry from specific eras. Often reproductions are poor quality and fail to employ the techniques […]

Big Ben – The World’s Most Famous Clock

One of the most Instragrammed sites in the world, Big Ben is the clock tower that was built as part of the Houses of Parliament in 1844 after a fire destroyed much of the Palace of Westminster in 1834. Big Ben first rang on May 31, 1859 and is famous for its accuracy and its […]

La Peregrina Pearl – The Wanderer

Discovered in the mid 16th century, La Peregrina Pearl is one of the most symmetrical natural pearls ever discovered. It was discovered in Panama and turned over to Don Pedro de Temez, the administrator of the Panama colony. Temez carried the pearl back to his Spanish homeland where he gifted it to the future king, […]

The Gem of the Sea – Aquamarine

The March birthstone, aquamarine, symbolizes the purity of spirit and soul and helps to protect one’s well-being. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin for water of the sea and it color ranges from light blue to dark blue and even blue-green. Ancient Roman fishermen used it as protection and safe travel by boat […]

Jewels of the Cinema

Did you know that jewelry used in movies is often real and sometimes created just for the movie? Remember the gorgeous ruby necklace presented by Richard Gere to Julia Roberts before they visit the opera in Pretty Woman? The necklace is white gold with diamonds and 23 rubies. Created for the film, the necklace is […]

Caring for Gems: Amethyst

We are starting a five-part series on the care for the five main gemstones over the next several months. We’ll start with Amethyst, the February birthstone, which is a lilac to deep purple stone. Check out our birthstone of the month post from February 1 for more information on the stone itself. Amethyst belongs to […]

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

Yes, the 56th Super Bowl is coming this Sunday, February 13 featuring the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. So let’s run down some fun Super Bowl facts to spark conversation during the game! The Lombardi Trophy is made of sterling silver by Tiffany & Co. and take 4 months to create. It stands […]

Amethyst – Stone of Royalty

Amethyst – Stone of Royalty For those lucky enough to be born in February, your birthstone is the amethyst, a purple quartz, which comes in hues from lilac to deep purple. Its name derives from the Greek amethystos which means “a remedy against drunkenness” because the Greeks associated its wine-like color with Bacchus, the god […]

Valentine’s Day – Mysterious Origins

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on February 14, when friends and lovers share cards, poems, candy and gifts. But what are the origins of Valentine’s Day? It is actually a bit of a mystery. There are three saints recognized as Valentine or Valentinus within the Catholic Church and all three were martyred. The […]

2022 Trends to Watch

Start the new year off with these fabulous jewelry trends and you’ll look your best all year long! Color, Color and More Color: The minimalistic look is gone, replaced by beautiful bright, eye-catching colorful gems. With a rainbow of colors to choose from, you are bound to find just the right one! From reds to […]

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