Keep Your Jewelry Beautiful – Jewelry Care Tips

We all want to keep our jewelry beautiful and sparkling. Here are some tips to care and protect your treasures.

  1. Remove jewelry before applying lotions, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume. The chemicals in these products can damage pearls and porous gems.
  2. Never wear your jewelry when cleaning, gardening or using a pool or hot tub. Chlorine and ammonia can pit gold or damage gems.
  3. Clean your jewelry with a clean, soft cloth after wearing to remove perspiration and oils from your skin.
  4. Store jewelry in the box or pouch from the store or in a padded jewelry box. This helps to keep jewelry from getting scratched or damaged from contact with other pieces.
  5. Regularly, at least once per year, have your jeweler inspect your jewelry for damage, including checking the settings for worn, bent or broken prongs.

Bridgewater Jewelers will inspect and clean your jewelry for free. Stop by and enjoy browsing while our staff takes excellent care of your treasures!